Tutoring & Educational Assessments

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Learning Made Easier offers individual and group tuition for students from preschool age up to year 8.

All new students commencing tuition are assessed in their first lesson using a variety of diagnostic tests to find the students strengths and weaknesses.

Tuition comprises the use of explicit teaching, direct instruction and multisensory learning.

Individual learning programs are developed for each child.

Multisensory learning

Brings together three paths to learning – auditory (listening), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching). To ensure that students are successful, a learning program needs to understand how the brain works. We learn best with
multisensory education.

The multisensory approach to learning facilitates a fundamental understanding of phonetics and word formation that will have kids figuring out how to spell new words on their own.

Direct instruction

Students are taught exactly what they need to know in order to spell. They will not need to guess, or come up with their own theories, or try to memorise a string of letters. Students are given the essential information they need in a
direct manner.

Lessons progress in logical order: students revise for the first ten minutes of each session. They go over the vowel sounds, consonants, phonograms, spelling rules and syllable breaks. This helps to build the child’s confidence and move forward with ease.