Incursions - No teacher preparation required

Learning Made Easier conducts exciting incursions suitable for all year levels from Prep to Year 7.

  • Maths Magic Tabloid Games
  • Grammar Magic Tabloid Games
  • Spelling Tabloid Games
  • Book in a Day

The sessions can be tailored to the needs of your school and the learning focus at the time. e.g. a session focusing on tables and division, place value or decimals.

Who are they suitable for?

All incursions can be undertaken with students from Prep to Year 6 of all abilities. Maths Magic tabloid games and Grammar Magic tabloid games are also suitable for Year 7.
Mixed grade levels works very well, or it is very helpful and advised if the prep and year one students have a buddy with them, to help with the writing of game rules and use of the correct stickers.

How long?

Each session runs for an hour and up to 80 students can attend one session.

How much?

Cost per participant $9.90 – GST Incl.
Includes dice kit and stickers for each child and all learning materials!

Book in a Day


Receive a 1 hour P.D. for bookings of 200 plus students – Value $300

In one day of fun activities, an experienced teacher will show your students how to make a book of learning games which they can keep forever!

Sessions are conducted with all class levels throughout the day, instructing each class in how to make and play their own games. Stimulating materials for making the games are provided. Existing class room material kits can be incorporated into the activity.

Sessions are available in maths and language.

All students receive a dice kit and stickers to keep.

Session structure:

  • Demonstrate material
  • Explain help sheets (these will be displayed in the classroom)
  • Demonstrate games
  • Children commence making games
  • Aid slow starters
  • Correct drafts
  • Early finishers share and play games

The students and teachers are shown a variety of math’s or language games with the exciting dice in the kit. All games can be varied by simply adding or changing the operations to suit the need of the child.

Students are shown the procedure in how to make their own game. The fun starts as they create their own games. Some students will have time to share their games during the session; others will need extra time to finish their game during the day.

The games can be used as;

  • warm up activities,
  • peer teaching,
  • re-enforcing skills,
  • homework exercises or just for fun!

Make up class game books

  • Great for class room use
  • Make books up for homework activities

Maths Magic Tabloid Games

An experienced teacher instructs students in a variety of dice games teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value and other concepts.

Students work in pairs during the session, and all students are actively involved in activities.

Students move around 8 maths stations using stimulating materials and playing exciting games to reinforce the maths concepts. Games include “Tables soccer”, “Addition football”, “First to 21 basketball”, “Golf adventure place value”, “Hockey number scrabble”, “Three in a row” ; just to name a few! Students play with soccer plays, basketballs, hockey sticks etc. to add to the fun.

The games can be changed depending on specific sports played at your school or topics currently being studied. The games are varied to suit the age and ability level of the students.

Each student receives a three in one dice, a twelve sided dice and ruler to keep.

Students and teachers see first hand how easy it is to make maths a lot of fun to learn.

maths magic learning made easier

Grammar Magic Tabloid Games

Students are instructed in 8 parts of speech, explaining the fundamentals of grammar in easy to understand terms.
Students move around 8 grammar stations using stimulating materials and playing exciting games to teach and reinforce the grammar concepts.

Students play “Grammar soccer”, “Verb football”, “Noun basketball”, “Grammar scrabble”, “Conjunction table tennis”, “Three in a row” ; just to name a few of the fun games! Props including basketballs, hockey sticks and soccer balls are used to add to the fun.

Each child receives grammar dice and stickers and a grammar ruler

grammar ruler and dice