Independent Spelling Stars – spelling strategy



Teach your student how to spell 100000 words!

  • 40 videos, one for each strategy
  • 60 page student work book, with an activity page for each strategy
  • 150 booklet with games for 35 of the strategies


Teach your student how to spell 100000 words!

These Spelling and Grammar cards can be used with ANY spelling program, or by themselves.

Teachers and parents can learn these strategies with their children.

Each card demonstrates in purple how to teach a rule for spelling, in orange how to teach the rule for reading and blue how it helps with comprehension.

There is a catchy story for each strategy.

Children are excited when they find out “c” will always say “s”, when it is followed by e, i or y every single time and that there are no exceptions. Knowing this helps to read over 5000 words.

Teach a strategy every day for a week.

There are 40 videos, with examples of words that follow that strategy.

There is a year’s work.

There are downloadable games and work sheet for each strategy.

The videos are broken down into 4 sets.

You will need the strategy cards with the videos

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