Explicitly Teach Children How To Read



Put the meaning back into reading

“How can I have ago if I don’t know the sound of the letter?” Empower your students to become great readers for life.

“My student can’t decode the words; I don’t know how to help them?

Bring samples of your students’ work, so your classes reading problems can be solved during the session.

This workshop shows teachers how to;

  • assess reading problems
  • analysis the mistake
  • determine where to start
  • teach what the letters say in each position
  • explicit skills to teach how to decode words
  • develop strategies for individual students
  • whole school approach

Teachers will learn how to teach students how to “decode words”, not guess or memorise. Your student will no longer need to rely on guessing or have ago. Teachers will learn how to assessment what skills the student does and doesn’t have, thus ensuring greater gains with reading. Reading will be taught using a variety of multi-sensory techniques.

Regular reading assessment is crucial to any successful reading program as it assists teachers in determining appropriate teaching points according to the needs of individual students.

School P.D’s available


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